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Parking Places - Garage PARK INN IKE at Taurus area

PARK INN IKE company is located at Taurus area, just 500 meters from the metro station ‘’Elaionas”, is specialized to the car parking business and it offers completed solutions for all types of vehicles.

Our main goal is our customers be directly provided with high quality responsible services.

We can offer the most competitive prices with which you will be completely satisfied.

Our company with it’s experienced staff, take up the full-charge of your vehicle by covering a wide variety of services.

Our newly constructed facilities can take care of your car, for as long as is needed with safety in our enclosure parking area, disposing 24h monitoring by CCTV cameras and guards.

We offer full-service of your vehicle such as car-wash and a great variety of all kinds of car accessories. Furthermore, Diesel is provided.

For any further information don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Parking Places - Garage PARK INN IKE
Samou 3 & Aristotelous 5 Str
177 78 Taurus Area

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